A shocking display of lameness from an unlikely source, courtesy of the producers of America’s Morning News. What the hell is going on lately? First Fred Thompson issues a public communique to troops in the field that the war in Afghanistan is lost because the C-in-C doesn’t have the stomach to fight it. Now the ‘Stache all but predicts a terror attack during the KSM show trial, the best efforts of the CIA, FBI, and NYPD notwithstanding. Good lord, people, have some faith in American counterterrorism. They’ve done okay for eight years, haven’t they? As if the left isn’t having enough fun with its “cowardly conservative” meme.

This reminds me of the time Biden told New Yorkers he wouldn’t ride the subway for fear of swine flu. Hey guys? For most of us, there’s no plan B. In which case, how about a pep talk instead? Sheesh.

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