He never mentions him by name, of course, and I’m sure he’ll play dumb when asked about this, but there’s no doubt it was aimed at Shep’s now-infamous on-air upbraiding of Shannon Bream for interviewing Chris Christie without having an interview with Corzine already in the can. It’s the same reporter covering the same race and raising the same journalistic issue, i.e. whether it’s fair to give airtime to one candidate if his opponent is unavailable. Before I even saw the clip at Johnny Dollar’s, a reader e-mailed excitedly to say, “Cavuto just went after Shep!” Just a little context for you for when Neil inevitably claims he hasn’t the faintest idea what this is all about.

Speaking of Democrats who won’t appear on Fox News, the Standard notes that Team Barry has apparently had a dramatic change of heart about boycotting the network. Are they right that letting Hillary talk to Greta is the White House’s declaration of surrender in the war on FNC? Or is this a case of The One trying to punish his secretary of state for becoming something of a public embarrassment? Click the image to watch.