From today’s Andrew Wilkow show, via Wilkow’s producer Nick Rizzuto. As noted at the Corner, it’s true that Scozzafava is moderately conservative by the standards of New York Republicans — but measured against congressional Republicans, she’s way left. Newt polishes her credentials a bit here but does admit that she’s not the candidate he would have nominated. In which case … why’s he sticking with her? She’s embarrassing herself on a daily basis and Hoffman stands a decent chance to win if he can get some wind from big-name conservatives in his sails. Why puff Scozzafava up instead of making the switch? Even if she’s “dramatically better than the Democrat,” is she dramatically better than Hoffman? It’s a three-way race now, Newt. Embrace the possibilities.

Exit question: Thad McCotter’s supporting Scozzafava too? What?