Let me answer that question this way. Not only have The One’s rhetorical tics infested my brain — half my tweets start with “let me be clear” or “as I have consistently said” nowadays — but when I saw him on cable news this afternoon at that townhall, my thought was actually formulated this way:

Let me be clear: I can’t believe this f***ing guy is on TV again.

In all seriousness, I wonder if his overexposure has become self-defeating in the same way that the stimulus has. If not for that hard lesson, we might be stuck with ObamaCare right now. By the same token, if not for The One’s omnipresence, there might have been a lot more viewers for last night’s pep rally. Why tune in if you know you’ll see him somewhere else in the next three hours, throwing out the first pitch somewhere or making buffalo wings on the Food Network or talking to Matt Lauer about mom jeans or whatever? Further proof of his economic ignorance: The scarcer a resource is, the more precious it is. Make yourself scarce and people will pay more attention, Barry.

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