To cleanse the palate, an unnerving reminder that not all of Michael’s weirdness was a mystery. Tales of Joe Jackson’s brutality towards his kids are legendary, but it’s one thing to read about it and another to see the callousness in action. Granted, we all grieve differently, but most parents are capable of saying a few kind words about a dead child without needing a spokesman to step in and read a prepared statement. Stick with it until around 3:20 to see Papa Jax use his moment of bereavement to promote his new record label, notwithstanding the fact that he’s (a) 80 years old, (b) must already be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and (c) received an order from an L.A. probate court today granting him and his wife guardianship over Michael’s kids (and their bequests, natch). Who better than an elderly, greedy, alleged child abuser to be given custody?

This was shot last night. Here’s a photo of him from today’s presser. No comment.

Update: I erred in the headline to this post. This wasn’t at a memorial tribute, just the BET Awards. Even so, Joe Jackson was there to see Michael honored and the topic of the hour was MJ’s death. Doesn’t affect the callousness.