I thought, or rather hoped, that Powerline was kidding. Nope. You’ll find the exchange here, around 4:05. (Obama thankfully rejects the analogy.) For added disgust, note that this interview was conducted in Dresden, ground zero of the neo-Nazi revisionist movement to draw moral equivalence between Nazi atrocities and Allied bombings of German cities. You’ll fit right in at MSNBC, Tom.

I’ve reached my saturation point with videos of The One so I’m skipping the clip of him at Buchenwald. You’ll be glad to know that he vowed to resist the spread of evil in our time, which will make for a grimly ironic flashback soundbite the day Iran announces they’ve got the bomb. Instead, here’s three minutes of reflection from a guy who really has confronted evil, literally and recently. His oratory is the flip side of Obama’s, short on style and very, very long on substance. Tremendously moving. Don’t miss it.

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