Via the ‘Busters. No need to sound the feminist alarm here: It’s only Palin being lumped in with Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, et al. as a dopey sex object, not Hillary, so everything’s kosher with the sisterhood. As cheap and stupid as this is, and as cheap and stupid as the Johnstons’ tabloid turn was, this does hurt her by playing into the narrative that she’s not to be taken seriously. For every person who read her statement on missile defense last night, a dozen more will watch the Eminem video or the Tyra show and come away thinking she’s a sideshow. It’s not fair but it’s something she has to deal with. I wonder what another two years of it will do to her image by the time of the primaries.

Like Gutfeld says, if this tool had any nuts at all he would have pulled this on Michelle Obama instead of an easy, media-approved target like Palin. That wouldn’t have been right either, but unlike this, it would indeed have been “edgy.” Click the image to watch.