I’m optimistic that having FNC endlessly flogging its venture on air will create a boom in new conservative web users and, in turn, a rising tide that lifts all rightblogger boats. After all, it’s got all the hallmarks of a big traffic site: (1) a famous patron, (2) heavy daily content volume, and (3) a variety of subject matter rather than one narrow niche. (See, e.g., the Huffington Post and Hot Air.) But what if instead of creating new blog readers they simply start vacuuming up existing ones — like, say, the 65 percent of HA commenters who hate my posts? Whither the blogosphere?

Seriously, though, what do you guys think of it? Portfolio and Inside Cable News note that Fox has basically abandoned the “fair and balanced” motto by launching a site this partisan. I’m impressed with the sheer amount of stuff on there but annoyed that there’s no RSS feed and underwhelmed by the layout. This site, like FNC’s main site, somehow looks a bit chintzier than CNN’s or MSNBC’s, although I’m not quite sure why. I want to say it’s because there’s too much white space, but both of its competitors have plenty of white space too. Any ideas what the problem is, web designers? Exit question: Hey, as part of the big launch, can we get FoxNews.com to stop cheaping out with that postage-stamp-sized video player they use and get a nice, roomy video player like MSNBC? You’re number one in the ratings, people. Show us the money.