The state of the Republican leadership in microcosm: They can’t even coordinate their own events anymore.

The NRSC and NRCC announcement of Palin’s leading role in the event made national news. The Associated Press distributed the story and it appeared on the Web sites of the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News and USA Today, among many others.

[Spokesman Bill] McAllister said Palin asked him why The Associated Press was reporting that she was going to do this. “I pointed out the (National Republican Senatorial Committee) press release and she was like, no,” he said.

NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh said Monday night that the staff of the governor’s national political action committee, SarahPAC, had confirmed Palin would indeed speak at the Senate-House dinner.

“The committees have confirmed this with the governor’s political staff at SarahPAC, not her official staff in Juneau, so it’s understandable why there may be a miscommunication here,” Walsh said.

Momentarily forgetting that Sarahcuda can do no wrong, Matt Lewis reads SarahPAC’s snafu as a commentary on her “leadership and organizational competency” and “merely the latest example of a sloppy mistake.” Be merciful to him. If you’d prefer to argue that the buck stops here there, try blaming one of the advisors listed by WaPo instead. Exit question: Surely a governor with a 64 percent approval rating can sneak away for a few days in June to resurrect her party’s fundraising prospects, can’t she?