Thinner than an iPhone, seven times the memory of the original Kindle, and a display crisp enough to show photos on: No wonder PopSci says it rocks. Undeterred by our vanishing revenue stream and The One’s warnings of imminent economic collapse, I’m weighing the pros and cons. Con: It costs upwards of 400 bucks. Pro: I’m overdue for a new gadget to gather dust on the shelf next to the Xbox and Wii that I never have time to play. Con: Most of my reading is periodicals, not books. Pro: Picture me at a Starbucks in Manhattan, nursing a mocha frap and looking thoughtful while I use the text-to-speech function to listen to “The Audacity of Hope.” Beta male no more.

Click the image and scroll down to watch the video. Exit question: Any commenters care to make a recommendation either way? Anecdotally, I’ve found that people who own these things love them with an ardor surpassed only by the iPhone itself. Is there any compelling reason to get it, though, except for the amount of space it saves? (Yeah, Kindle books are cheaper than paperbacks, but that’s offset — and then some — by the device’s purchase price.) Also, how are they for reading newspapers? The iPhone’s screen is unpleasantly small, but I can read the Times for free. Which, on the Kindle, I can’t.