Why appoint an ex-president when you can appoint a princess?

Officials say the daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy will be the governor’s choice to fill the New York Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Two people close to Gov. David Paterson tell The Associated Press they believe Caroline Kennedy will be his choice, but the governor cautions he’s still looking.

She’s back to 87.4 on InTrade after having flirted with 50 earlier this week. God only knows what sort of arm-twisting’s going on to make this happen despite her awful rollout, but I’m darkly impressed by the fact that they got the speaker of the state assembly to flip from sneeringly anti-Caroline to pro-Caroline in less than a week. Camelot truly is a magical place.

So much for the caretaker option, which would have cost New York seniority. All that’s left to do now is wait for the announcement, hoping against hope that it comes on the same day Stuart Smalley’s declared the winner in Minnesota and Democrats inevitably cave to Blago by admitting Burris to the Senate. No sense in spreading our national embarrassment out over a few weeks. Let’s choke it all down in one gulp.