Newly arrived from Malkin manor, a copy of “God Is Not Great” — inscribed.

Good lord. It’s like getting a Bible autographed by the Pope.

I won’t bother asking you who has the best boss in the world; we already know. Instead, let’s ponder that oh so cryptic beginning…

For “Allahpundit,” in the devout hope that he is working himself out of a job.

With “the compliments of the season” — which is as far as Mr. Jefferson would go at this distraught season.

Two possibilities:

1. He’s making an atheist joke on my alias, i.e. it’s high time the world rid itself of Allah.

2. He’s read the site and thinks it reeks, or at least my contribution to it.

My head says 1 — how likely is it that he’s ever read HA, after all? — but my beta-male heart says 2. Reassure me.

Update: From the comments, a third option focusing on the “pundit” part: “May you so successfully state your case that all are convinced and your labors are no longer needed.”