A video microcosm of what we’ve come to learn: Not only were the cops outgunned, with just one WWI-era rifle between them, but the shooting had clearly already been on for some time already at the point the clip picks up and there’s no back-up in sight. At least one witness told the Journal that he saw cops running away; that might be what’s happening at the beginning here, although under the circumstances, with no way to retaliate, who can blame them?

The two jihadis ended up leaving the station, barging into a hospital and shooting the place up, then exiting and stumbling upon a police SUV containing the province’s chief of counterterrorism. They shot that to pieces too, killing everyone inside before hijacking the car. As I write this, NBC’s reporting the first hard evidence linking the attack to Lashkar e-Taiba — namely, the phone numbers of top LeT officials programmed into one of the terrorists’ cell phones, including the number for the group’s head of operations. Naturally, Pakistani TV has an alternate theory.