Think about this: During the very hour this was airing, his nemesis across the dial was grilling Obama about economic policy. Olby knew that and thus had every incentive to rouse himself and ask a few perfunctory tough questions, if only to minimize the embarrassment he’d suffer from the inevitable compare-and-contrast critiques. And yet. Among the marshmallows tossed at The One: “Why do people hesitate to use the word ‘lie’ about these things?” “Have the Republicans succeeded in muddying up this election?” And my favorite, “Have you thought of getting angrier?” There’s one straight-up question, on the Fannie/Freddie bailout, about eight minutes into the second clip. I know you dislike him, but do you at least appreciate him for what he’s done to damage lefty media’s credibility? Give the man his due.

The highlight comes at 2:50 of the first clip, when Kayo and Obama share a laugh at the thought of Sarah Palin appearing on “Countdown.” Which is laughable, to be sure, but not for the reason this tool would have you believe. Exit question: Where does this rank on his list of most humiliating, credibility-destroying interviews? We know it’s not number one.