There’s nothing more fun than when the Democratic leadership meets its base. The audio’s spotty so here’s a transcript of the protester’s calm, carefully considered charge:

“Who gave you the right to take the constitution and shove it down the toilet? Who gave you the right to take impeachment off the table? Nobody told them to do this,” Thottam shouted at Pelosi moments before Secret Service agents removed him from the packed auditorium and turned him over to officers with the Los Angeles Police Department. “One million Iraqis are dead. Five thousand Americans are dead. You have destroyed the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Eighth Amendments.”

Color me surprised: He doesn’t sound like a guy who’d miss the Second. Pelosi’s peevish reply, tragically not captured on the video: “I have complete comfort with the frustration. I’m from the streets.” Yes, really. I never know how much to sympathize with Democratic pols confronted by the dregs of nutroots America hollering for a pullout from Iraq before the situation can improve any further, but if you find yourself identifying with her, revisit the video of Paul Kanjorski describing their cynical plan to get elected on the promise that they’d stop the war knowing full well that they couldn’t. They raised these cretins’ expectations knowing they couldn’t meet them; now they have to deal with the disappointment. Should be a fun convention.

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