Via the ‘Busters, let the word goeth forth that the missus has a free ride for the duration, even for things she says as Obama’s surrogate at official campaign events. What’s especially charming about this is that there’s arguably no one in the senate who’s done more than Durbin to pander to the nutroots — the very sort of rabid partisans who so often delighted in taunting the Bush girls for failing to volunteer for the same all-volunteer army they themselves forgot to volunteer for after 9/11, presumably because they were too busy coming up with bon mots like “chickenhawk.” Anyone here have the slightest doubt, incidentally, that if Cindy McCain said or did something impolitic on the trail it would be duly seized on and used to bludgeon Team Maverick? Look no further than this dopey dust-up, showcased at HuffPo and various other places across the web. Oh well. Like Lowry said, the Obama rules are different.

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