A substantive political segment (well, sort of), opposite one of Fox’s most high-profile contributors, no less? Good lord. Is Bill finally starting to take our “little lady” seriously? And to think, it only took a year.

Consensus verdict: It’s open season on the Bride of Messiah. Split decision: Whether the media really has been unfair to the Clintons. Ed made the valuable point this morning, and MK repeats it here, that the press was perfectly respectful when she was the frontrunner. Only when Obama pulled the upset in Iowa and proved she was beatable did the pile on begin — which, as longtime HA readers may remember, had been prophesied. I’d cap this with a reminder about what payback is, but using that particular word word within 100 yards of Hillary even if it’s not aimed at her is apparently grounds for a sexism charge, so instead I’ll simply direct you here to illustrate just how feeble the whining’s become.