Amazing. And not the first time he’s been unfair to her, although the sheer gratuitousness of this makes it stand apart. From out of nowhere, in the course of an otherwise straightforward report on media grief over Ted Kennedy’s diagnosis, this materalizes:

(A digression: Michelle Malkin is among those conservatives asking readers to put aside political differences and pray for Kennedy and his family, and most of her commenters did just that. But there were a few, revoltingly hateful exceptions– posters who were reveling in the news and, in one case, talked of celebrating.)

And then right back to a reminiscence about Kennedy. To recap: Michelle herself asked her readers to pray for Kennedy, most of her commenters agreed, but the handful who didn’t warrant special mention in a Washington Post story that had nothing otherwise to do with blogs, commenters, or Michelle. Ace is e-mailing me asking if Kurtz has ever done a story about the oceans of vitriol that pour from the lefty blogosphere’s comment sections — and not always just the comment sections, as his “Reliable Sources” pal Arianna could tell him — when some misfortune befalls a conservative politician, to the point where HuffPo will sometimes preemptively close threads because they know what’s coming. I’m guessing that he has, simply because it would require an Olbermann-esque level of partisan shamelessness to ignore the nutroots elephant in the room here while going after Michelle, and Kurtz has never before demonstrated that. But I confess, after some cursory googling, I can’t find anything. Can anyone else? This can’t be as unfair as it looks.

Update: Charles Johnson e-mails to remind me that he’s been writing for months about how WaPo’s own comments sections often contain precisely the type of degeneracy Kurtz is tut-tutting Michelle for. A random example, plucked by CJ himself from this article:


Update: Here’s Charles’s post on this, with links to his previous posts about WaPo’s comments.