“Good stuff,” Ace told me, urging me to clip. I’ve excised the stuff about polygamy, which Hawkins denies, and left you with the nutty nitty gritty. Entertaining, as Shep always is, but, er … why have this tool on in the first place? They knew what he was about; I assume Shep has enough cachet at Fox to spike a segment that offers too much free publicity to a shady character. Smells to me like a Banderas/Phelps ceremonial smiting o’ the bad guy, conceived less for its news value than for the opportunity it gives the anchor to heroically tell off a malfeasor to his face. Good TV, admittedly, but in context the get-out-of-my-sight indignance comes off as a tad, shall we say, O’Reilly-esque.

This wasn’t Hawkins’s only interview in the past 24 hours, either. He turned up last night for an hour-long smiting on — where else? — Nancy Grace. Exit question: What’s next, inviting on sex offenders and asking them when, precisely, they realized they were evil?