Via WJNO, I’m, like, unclear and whatever as to what she’s hoping to accomplish. She’s against Republicans and she’s against divisiveness, so her plan is to … divide her own party with a PR debacle that would hugely help McCain?

We should start a pool on who’s going to do the most to turn Denver into a clusterfark. Al Sharpton? The Florida delegation? Those nuts who e-mailed HuffPo with barely veiled threats in case the Prince of Peace isn’t anointed as the nominee? Place your bets in the comments. And yes, I’m aware that Limbaugh was roundly reviled for saying something similar to this just last week, but Roseanne’s a different case because she’s (a) an imbecile whom no one takes seriously, (b) vaguer than he was in calling for “trouble,” not riots, and (c) a virtuous liberal, silly.

Exit question: What is it with comediennes named “Rosie,” anyway?