Sharpton: If Hillary’s Florida and Michigan delegates are seated, we’ll march on DNC headquarters

posted at 7:56 pm on February 14, 2008 by Allahpundit

Al Sharpton versus the NAACP? Not in my wildest dreams

The Rev. Al Sharpton yesterday said the Democratic Party would commit a “grave injustice” if it seated delegates from Florida and Michigan at the party’s national convention – and he threatened a march on the party’s Washington headquarters…

Sharpton wrote: “I firmly believe that changing the rules now and seating delegates from Florida and Michigan at this point would not only violate the Democratic Party’s rules of fairness, but also would be a grave injustice.”

He added that protestations about being disenfranchised, a point made by [NAACP head Julian] Bond in a separate letter to Dean Tuesday, “should have been made many months ago, before the decision was made to strip these states of their delegates…

He said his National Action Network is discussing a possible march on DNC headquarters, adding, “This smacks of the same stuff we accused the Republicans of in Florida in 2000 . . . changing the rules.”

Black superdelegates are getting it from both sides too. Obama’s been careful to keep himself above the fray of identity politics, but if you want to see the depths to which some of his supporters have sunk, chew on this:

[Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver] said Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois had recently asked him “if it comes down to the last day and you’re the only superdelegate. … Do you want to go down in history as the one to prevent a black from winning the White House?

“I told him I’d think about it,” Cleaver concluded.

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The mere fact that America (and most Democrats) are now aware that the Superdelegates are poised to render their votes moot makes this the best election ever. I love reminding my DEM buddies of their parties Orwellian superdelegates over and over and over again and should Hillary win I will maintain forever that she cooked the vote to keep the black man down.

Oh, rub it in their noses that these superdelegates get paid by the Clinton and Obama campaigns as well. Just read that last night, and find it unbelievable – those superdelegates, in total, have received almost $1million cash from the two delegates in the last couple of years.

Seriously, WTF is *that* all about?

Midas on February 15, 2008 at 8:35 AM

Even a stopped clock . . .

Mommynator on February 15, 2008 at 10:23 AM

I’ll hold my nose and vote for McCain, not because I like his politics but because I like my freedom and I love my country. He can put the fear of God Allah into those thinking of the next 9-11 much more so than either of the Democrap candidates, IMHO.

NightmareOnKStreet on February 14, 2008 at 11:55 PM

…Are you an apologist, a McCain liberal or a fool?…

So, in summary, 5 years in a POW camp 40 years ago does not trump the need for real leadership now. I will be relentless in my criticism of John McCain. Clear enough for ya?
highhopes on February 15, 2008 at 12:09 AM

What part of “I’ll hold my nose and vote for McCain, NOT because I like his politics…” don’t you get? Read s l o w l y: the ONLY REASON I’d EVER vote for Rep. frontrunner, John McShamnesty IS BECAUSE I DON’T EVER WANT CLINTON OR OBAMA TO BE PRESIDENT. Close your eyes and think back to 9-11. Sometime that day did you not find yourself saying, “THANK GOD AL GORE ISN’T PRESIDENT!”?


If that isn’t clear, try this: Sometime in the next 5 years Iran launches a nuclear weapon at the USA. One of our major cities is flattened, millions are dead or will be in the next few weeks. WILL YOU BE WORRIED ABOUT THE BORDER THEN? OR WILL YOU JUST BEND OVER, GRAB YOUR NUTS, AND HOPE PRESIDENT OBAMA’S VISIT WITH MAHMOOD I’M-INDEED-A-NUT-JOB GOES WELL BEFORE THEY NUKE US AGAIN??

NightmareOnKStreet on February 15, 2008 at 3:45 PM