Really? Like certain people who used to work for him, I thought his mistake was in acting like a race-baiting cretin. No, turns out he simply didn’t realize until it was too late that his emeritus status lets him “promote” Hillary but not “defend” her. By which I guess he means “make heavy-handed racial comparisons aimed at ghettoizing Obama.”

He says he’s not worried about her disappearing into his shadow, but he should be: That’s a major subplot to where the money came from for that $5 million campaign loan that got so much hype this week. It’s unfair to hold his wealth against her when Waffles was free to campaign on Teresa’s dime four years ago, but the idea of the first woman president being bankrolled by her husband may be too sweet a jab for Team Obama to ignore. In fact, ABC introduced the angle on his behalf in its story last night. With the inevitability facade shattered, they’re working for liberal Jesus now.

Keep hope alive, says Mark Hemingway.

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