One last threat before the die is cast. He’s been making the perfect the enemy of the good (or average) since the campaign began, first with Giuliani, then with Fred(!), and now at last with a guy with respect to whom his sentiment might resonate a bit with the base. Geraghty tries to fact-check him but this long march towards rejectionism has always been aimed at showing the party how much it’ll suffer without him and his supporters. If it wasn’t, he’d have thrown in with Huck or Romney long ago. Will the flock follow him into the wilderness? No one knows yet but I’m betting no. The country’s newest “Christian leader” will help keep them in the fold for Maverick.

Pity poor Laura, who had no choice but to accept an exclusive this newsworthy (I’d have done so too) but who’s reduced momentarily to a mouthpiece for Dobson’s latest performance of “private citizen” kabuki. No matter. She’s already done her good deed for the day.

Update: He won’t endorse in a primary, but he’ll happily anti-endorse candidates various and sundry. Thanks to Derek F. at Salem for the clip; it’s been edited for brevity.

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