Two of them you knew. The third: Abd-al Rahim al-Nashiri, mastermind of the Cole bombing. Like KSM and Abu Zubaydah, he went under the towel more than five years ago, back when the polls were in Bush’s favor and Nancy Pelosi was therefore still cool with this sort of thing. Our likely nominee has, of course, vowed to put a stop to this non-recurring behavior, so let’s pause for a moment and applaud him for his very bold stand.

Hayden said fewer than 100 people have been held by the CIA in its terrorist detention program. And of those, fewer than one-third were subjected to “enhanced” interrogation methods.

[The three] were subjected to waterboarding “because of the circumstances of the time — the belief that additional catastrophic attacks were imminent at a time when the U.S. had limited knowledge of how al-Qaida worked,” Hayden.

Exit question one, from the comments (and from one of my earlier posts): What is the ratio of lefties waterboarding each other in protest to jihadis waterboarded by the CIA at this point? 30 to one, maybe? Probably more, right? Exit question two: If Ramzi Binalshibh wasn’t waterboarded, what exactly did they do to him to make him cry?

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