Unlike Kerry’s, this one might actually do some good.

Democrats said the endorsement will help Obama with traditional Democratic groups where Clinton has been strong — union households, Hispanics and downscale workers.

Also, the nod by the most experienced member of the Senate adds significant standing to Obama, who is working to prove he has the experience necessary to be president.

Having him and Caroline endorse as a pair will go a long way towards sidetracking the post-Carolina “black candidate” narrative Team Hillary’s trying to jump-start, so either Obama’s the luckiest pol alive or this is a master stroke of media management by him and his campaign.

Follow the Politico link and thrill to the image of our now ex-first black president pleading with Teddy not to strip him of his “heir to JFK” title too — but don’t quit before the end, as it’s the last two paragraphs that tell the story here. This isn’t about policy preferences (mostly), it’s about “souls being touched” by that special shallow blend of youth, looks, and oratory that denotes the true Camelot bloodline. Hence the significance of Caroline’s approval, which operates less as an endorsement (intellectually, who cares what she thinks?) than a recognition of royal legitimacy. For all the abuse conservatives take for their Reagan worship, there’s at least never been any creepy element of congenital aristocracy to it of the sort cultivated by the Kennedys and their decrepit hagiographers. If Obama winning means we’re in for another round of that, replete with that curious dynamic of populist progressivism that somehow requires a monarch to administer it, please, give us Hillary.

On the other hand, it’ll make for pretty some sweet Neely Brothers vids in 40 years. Content warning.