They call themselves YAF but that stands for Young Americans for Freedom, not Jason Mattera’s group, the Young America’s Foundation. (I did a double take the first time I saw it.) An abject disgrace, and not the first time this particular chapter has “distinguished itself” by its tactics. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on BNP leader Nick Griffin. Like I said about Ron Paul accepting that donation from Don Black, he can’t be blamed if he didn’t know whom he was dealing with. Did YAF know whom it was dealing with in Griffin? A-yup:

Kyle Bristow, chairman of YAF, said his organization invited Griffin to promote intellectual debate. Bristow said he doesn’t believe in many of the ideas Griffin has preached, particularly his alleged denial of the Holocaust, but does agree that the Islamic faith is a threat to America.

I’m guessing that the prevalence of Holocaust denial throughout the Middle East wasn’t part of Griffin’s critique. Charles advises the group to repent and apologize; given their culpability, I’d say it’s already too late for that.

The left will enjoy this story, of course, presenting as it does an opportunity to spin some lazy Olbermannesque “Larger Truths” about conservatism out of the fiasco. That’ll be a neat trick in one sense, as their usual complaint about us vis-a-vis those “New York money people” Wes Clark worries so much about is that we’re too cozy with them, not that we’re too antagonistic. Do savor the irony, though, that it’s LGF — the blog to which they so often maliciously attribute BNP-ish attitudes — that was the first to post on this. It’s of a piece with some of Charles’s other posts lately chronicling the slimier aspects of certain European critics of Islam, starting with this and more recently here. Read them both. These turds may sound like Ayaan Hirsi Ali in one sense, but whether they’d even be willing to receive her given her skin color is an open question. Shamefully, like YAF with Griffin, at least one righty blogger knocked Charles for writing those posts. All movements, political and otherwise, eventually face the temptation of “enemy of my enemy” logic. It’s seductive; it’s human nature. Resist it at every turn.

Update: The “conservatives” at MSU-YAF have pronounced LGF a “pro-Muslim, left-wing, politically correct” blog. Perfect.