Perfect pair: Lena Dunham interviews Hillary Clinton

Just what we’ve all been waiting for: the liberal lady event of the year!

My good friend, Matt Vespa, recently wrote about why women are running away from the Clinton campaign – they just don’t trust her. So, it’s no surprise that she’s ready and willing to do just about anything to regain lost ground.


Among her attempts to be Likeable Hillary – which have included spots on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and the ever-golden “CHILLIN” vine (do yourself a favor and watch that one) – Clinton will also sit for an interview with ultra-feminist Lena Dunham.

Politico reports that the interview will run to debut the release of Dunham’s new newsletter for the site next week, and “will discuss campaign issues that resonate with Dunham’s target audience, like student debt and women’s health.” (As a side note, the site’s most recent post was about why you should #AskYourMother about her abortion. Seriously.)

In the one-minute clip that I watched so you don’t have to, Dunham is giddy with excitement as Clinton confirms that she is, indeed, a feminist (shocker!) and then goes on to define a feminist as “someone who believes in equal rights.” Deep.

Before I go on, I should preface my upcoming comments with this: I too, believe in equal rights for everyone, so, therefore, that must make me a feminist. However, I refuse to believe that the key to young female hearts is through an interview where a hipster and a “hipster” produce an audio version of Webster’s Dictionary.

The reality is that the Clinton-Dunham brand of feminism is so backward that it does more to harm women by perpetuating the victim narrative that sustains the Left, instead of working to empower them. It thrives off dependency, vulnerability, and self-consciousness. Uplifting free-thinking, independent female voices, gives way to silencing dissenting opinions by deeming them naïve, outdated, harmful or even hateful. It’s tiresome; and quite frankly, it’s old.


Sure, we have problems. There are aspects of our society that are a little rough around the edges, but we haven’t sunk so low that the road to the Presidency of the United States is by way of celebrity gossip. No American, when heading to the ballot box, thinks: What would Lena Dunham do?


What do I know? She’ll probably win a Pulitzer for this…

Side note: Kanye West thinks Ben Carson is “brilliant” and is still considering a 2020 run.

Update (AP): Here’s Dunham asking the would-be first woman president if she saw that viral video where Lenny Kravitz’s pants split and his junk popped out onstage.

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David Strom 10:40 AM | April 12, 2024