Unlawful assembly declared in Manhattan, pro-Palestinian caravan throws firework at Jews

The Post Millennial has gathered clips of what is happening this afternoon in Manhattan. Let’s start with this. Someone believed to be with a pro-Palestinian caravan passing through the diamond district tossed a significant firework at a group of Jewish people on the sidewalk. As you can see, they scattered just before it went off.

There’s another clip shot from across the street that shows it going off.

In this next clip you can see some of the arguments taking place in the street as the caravan passed. Actually the car isn’t passing – it stopped and then it looks like at least one punch is thrown. A cop shows up and radios for help before ordering the car to move along. In the clip below that you’ll see the spot on the street where the firework went off. Note there is definitely lots of NSFW language in these clips.

In Times Square, brawls broke out between groups of pro-Palestinian marchers and Jews. This independent reporter was there to capture what happened.

One guy got arrested:

A pro-Israel group started a little celebration in the street.

The two sides began shouting at one another.

They are none too fond…

Police sort of manage to keep order.

But the Palestinian group keeps trying to get through the barriers and past the police.

Finally police declare an unlawful assembly and move in to clear the area.

Another arrest was made.

And that’s all I have for now except to say that these kind of threatening and sometimes violent pro-Palestinian marches have been taking place around the world.

I’ll update this post if anything else happens tonight.