Celebrating Biden fans decide mass gatherings for political causes are okay after all

Celebrating Biden fans decide mass gatherings for political causes are okay after all

They didn’t make this decision recently, of course. We knew from this summer’s massive BLM demonstrations that liberals, especially younger liberals, don’t mean what they say when they call Trump’s rallies irresponsible amid a pandemic. They’re right to single him out for criticism since he’s the president and should set an example, but at the end of the day they have no problem with throwing caution to the wind on COVID in the name of politics.

It’s purely a question of whether the cause is righteous enough. Trump holding a rally? No way. Protesting racism? Most definitely. Getting drunk in a crowded park to celebrate your guy winning the election?

Sure, why not. Why not.

There’s an important difference, though, between the mass gatherings last night to cheer on Biden and the mass gatherings this summer to protest George Floyd’s death. The outlook on the pandemic is much worse right now than it was when the BLM rallies were held. The only way I’d mingle in a crowd of people at the moment, even outdoors, even masked up, is if I were starving and needed food. These lunatics did it for no better reason than to high-five each other over Trump being embarrassed.

Special shout-out to Aaron Rupar of Vox, who somehow managed these two tweets on the same day, hours apart:

Storming the field after Notre Dame’s big win was a shocking lapse of judgment in which excited fans let their joy override urgent concerns of public safety.

But crowding around the White House to taunt-sing “YMCA” at Trump? No human could be expected to contain that amount of jubilation, I guess.

Trumpers and their fellow travelers are dunking on liberal hypocrites this morning, and rightly so:

The United States had more than 128,000 new cases of COVID yesterday, the fourth straight day in which it set a record. Deaths topped 1,000 again. There’s chatter among scientists today that we could be seeing 200,000 cases a day by Thanksgiving, before we’re even into the thick of winter. As case counts rise, deaths will rise too, even with major improvements in treating the disease since March. How American hospitals will cope as the number of serious cases rises relentlessly, I have no idea. Clearly we’re on track for a crisis where the proverbial curve will need to be flattened again so that care doesn’t need to be rationed.

No one seems to have any plan for how to handle it. To the contrary, this week’s spike was probably seeded by morons insisting on partying on Halloween despite the rampant community spread that the country’s facing. Yesterday’s gatherings will only make it worse. The train is starting to come off its tracks…

…and no matter what Scott Atlas might tell us, the infections won’t be limited to healthy young people:

Speaking of irresponsible disease-spreaders, the young and stupid can always plead that they’re immature and that no one’s looking to them for cues on how to behave. What’s this idiot’s excuse, though?

At last count six people at the White House have COVID, including Meadows, making this the third separate outbreak inside the building. Gotta hand it to Team Trump: They’re as reckless and callous towards their own co-workers as they are to the general population in their approach to COVID, not just refusing to take basic precautions but knowingly putting people at risk by trying to cover up their infections. It’s a real mystery why Trump’s a one-term president.

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David Strom 6:01 AM on June 06, 2023