Sunday morning talking heads

A rich, diverse array of topics and guests awaits this fine Sunday morning. On “This Week,” it’s Amy Klobuchar discussing her surprisingly strong third-place finish in New Hampshire and her prospects for parlaying that into a win in Nevada next weekend.

Meanwhile, on “Meet the Press,” it’s … Amy Klobuchar, discussing those same subjects.

Turning to “Face the Nation,” it’s, uh, let’s see. Amy Klobuchar.

And on “State of the Union”? Right. Klobuchar.

She’s not booked on “Fox News Sunday” as I write this on Saturday morning. Yet. Not yet.

The full-court press makes sense, though. Klobuchar’s biggest worry right now is getting lost in the crowd of centrists who are still in contention. She’s had some promising fundraising since her New Hampshire showing but nothing that’s going to make her competitive with Bernie or, lord knows, Mike Bloomberg on Super Tuesday. She needs all the free media she can get, 24/7 if possible, to hurriedly introduce herself to voters in Nevada and beyond.

Pete Buttigieg is in the same position although he’s had more media buzz lately than Klobuchar due to his near-win in New Hampshire and win (or near-win?) in Iowa. He’ll be on “State of the Union” and “Fox News Sunday.” Joe Biden will also make a rare Sunday morning appearance, chatting with “Meet the Press” to remind Democratic voters that he’s not beat yet. Tom Steyer, who’s pulled close to 20 percent of the vote recently in polling of South Carolina, will make his case this morning too by guesting on “This Week” and “Face the Nation.”

If you’re tired of 2020 chatter and eager for a subject that’s somewhat less grim, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases will also be on “Face the Nation” to handicap the possibility that we’re all going to die of coronavirus. The full line-up is at the AP.