Tesla's introduction of its new "cybertruck" went as well as that Chris Cuomo segment yesterday did

The difference between Elon Musk and Chris Cuomo is that Musk must have had the basic good sense to test the strength of the truck’s windows before attempting to demonstrate that strength onstage at the official launch, right? There’s a lot more riding on a successful real-time experiment for a carmaker debuting a new vehicle than there is for a guy known as “Fredo” trying to fill airtime during a break in impeachment hearings.

I mean, it’s not like Musk to do anything reckless.

So what went wrong in the clip below? Is the answer as simple as “It’s Tesla”?

The key part comes at 2:30 but watch the full clip if you have time, as the so-called cybertruck certainly is … different. Opinion on social media last night during the rollout was universal that the vehicle looks familiar, but no one seems able to place it exactly. One Twitter pal offered that it looks like a DeLorean drawn by a five-year-old. Another suggested that the sharp lines resemble how a car would be rendered on a primitive game console. To me it looks like a stainless-steel version of the troop transport in “Aliens.” Someone else compared it to the cars in “Total Recall.” The common thread in all of those answers is that it seems “futuristic” … by the standards of the past. It’s exactly how you’d expect a truck in 2019 to look in a sci-fi movie made in 1984. The interior has a vaguely “Robocop meets Miami Vice” feel too:

The name, “cybertruck,” is 80s-ish too. Even the text behind Musk during the demonstration feels weirdly retro, like a mid-80s display. To all appearances, Elon Musk had every idea here when he was 14 years old and told the Tesla engineers to make his boyhood dream come true.

I don’t know, maybe it’ll be successful. It’s competitively priced, if if if if if if in fact the lowest-end model really does end up on the market. To a certain sort of aging bro like myself who needs to haul stuff but for some reason also needs to imagine he’s in “Starship Troopers,” it’s just what the doctor ordered.