Town hall questioner to AOC: To save the climate, we must eat the babies

Town hall questioner to AOC: To save the climate, we must eat the babies

A weird case of one of the most radical figures in American government being warned that she’s not nearly radical enough. You would think AOC and her party would get some credit from this person for condoning the killing of more than 600,000 children every year.

Now they’re all DINOs just because they don’t want to eat the remains.

She did a good job here handling an exceptionally bizarre moment, in all fairness. With a question like this, there are only two possibilities: Troll/plant or earnest activist who’s already blown past Greta-Thunberg-levels of alarmism and entered Cloud-cuckoo-land. Either way, it would have been a bad look for Ocasio-Cortez to mock her or get annoyed. If you mock her and she turns out to be mental, you’ve made fun of a person who needs help. If you get annoyed at the trolling, then you’ve been pwn3d. The smart play was to lower the volume, not be antagonistic, and hope that she’s not armed.

Anyway, it does appear to have been a case of trolling — although not a Republican one. And of course, trolling isn’t mutually exclusive with “mentally ill.” Sort of the opposite, if you’ve spent even five minutes online.

The LaRouchies are many things but “traditional GOPers” isn’t one of them. Although who knows? After this, baby-eating may end up as a “Baba Booey”-type troll callback for the Republicans in AOC’s district to ask about at her townhalls.

*Are* there any Republicans in her district?

Anyway, breathe easy. Eating babies won’t enter the mainstream of climate activism until 2024 at the earliest.

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