Meghan McCain vs. Beto O'Rourke: How dare you compare the people at Trump's rally to a Nuremberg rally?

Meghan McCain vs. Beto O'Rourke: How dare you compare the people at Trump's rally to a Nuremberg rally?

He did in fact compare Trump’s “send her back” rally last week to a Nuremberg rally. Not on “The View” but in a separate interview with ABC News:

McCain was ready for him when he joined her panel today. She got warmed up by reminding him that he’s now at zero percent in the polls and trailing Marianne Williamson in a recent survey of New Hampshire…

…before they got into it over the “send her back” stuff, which, as you’ll see in the clip below, ends up essentially as a rehash of the “deplorables” episode from 2016 using different terminology. Do you really mean to say that all Trump fans at that rally were deplorables/Nazis, McCain asks incredulously? Nope, says O’Rourke. In fact, not even Hillary claimed *all* Trumpers were “deplorable.” Her estimate when she made her infamous remark on the trail three years ago was that half were, with the other half composed of people who felt that the government had let them down. “Those are people we have to understand and empathize with as well,” she said at the time. That was her attempt to convince gettable right-wing Trump supporters that she wasn’t talking about them, she was talking about those other people. But that’s too cute, McCain complains. If you’re going to use heavy rhetorical artillery like Nuremberg comparisons or claims that Trump is running “concentration camps” at the border, don’t be surprised if there’s electoral collateral damage. Some of the people in the not-deplorable group who’ve been to rallies and/or disagree that the only alternative to “concentration camps” is to let everyone in who wants to come may think you’re referring to them.

But of course Beto’s also right that “We all have accountability for our actions and everyone who shouted to send them back is responsible as well.” That’s the counter to the complaint about name-calling: If in fact Trump and/or members of the crowd at one of his rallies do something deplorable, why shouldn’t it be called that? Mark Walker, one of the top Republicans in the House and a pastor before joining Congress, called the “send her back” chanting an “immediate dagger that went through my heart.” The city council in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is hosting the Republican national convention next year, voted 9-2 yesterday to denounce Trump’s initial tweets as “racist and xenophobic.” It’s appropriate to brush Beto back for Nazi analogies, but is that the point in this debate — that he went way too far in his denunciation? Or that he denounced the “send her back” stuff at all?

Anyway, enjoy this while it lasts because he’ll be back to life as a private citizen soon enough.

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