Sunday morning talking heads

The Sunday shows are loaded with Democratic candidates this morning, all of whom doubtless thought they’d be on to attack Trump over his looming Mexico tariffs. Thanks to the magic of the news cycle, the script has now changed. Instead of hitting POTUS, who canceled the tariffs late Friday night, they’ll be tasked with shredding Joe Biden over his flip-flop-flip on the Hyde Amendment. Bernie Sanders will take it to Uncle Joe as the lead guest on “State of the Union,” Beto O’Rourke will hit him hard on “This Week,” and Amy Klobuchar and Steve Bullock will call him out on “Face the Nation.” This is an easy assignment for Bernie, who’s positioned as the left-wing alternative to Biden in the race, but O’Rourke, Klobuchar, and even Bullock are each running as *somewhat* more moderate Democrats who might pick up some of Biden’s voters if he falters. Smacking him for having been too centrist isn’t entirely uncomfortable for them politically.

But they’ll do it, because being fanatically pro-choice is what’s required to remain tolerable to the left. That’s why Biden flipped, after all.

Bullock, by the way, has the distinction of being one of the verrrrrry few Democratic candidates set to miss the cut at the first Democratic primary debate held later this month. Even Bill de Blasio looks to have made it, for cripes sake.

If none of that grabs you, Ron Johnson will be on “Fox News Sunday” to celebrate the GOP having dodged a political bullet with the cancellation of the tariffs. The full line-up is at the AP.