National De Blasio hatefest graced by presidential cameo

A leftover from yesterday that shouldn’t be missed. I’m not sure Trump has ever channeled the national mood as eloquently as he does here.

The best part (aside from encouraging people to vote de Blasio “if you like crime”) is how gratuitous it is. It’s not as if Blas is a top-tier contender whom Trump feels obliged to diminish for strategic reasons. Just the opposite. He’s using the bully pulpit to take a shot at someone who won’t get within 40 points of the nomination just because he knows him and dislikes him that much.

As I say, he has finger on the pulse of America.

People were chirping yesterday on social media that this clip reminds them of the short takes he used to shoot from his office in Trump Tower before becoming president. Right, but not just any takes: It reminded me of the Trump/Rosie war, which started in 2006 and went on in spurts for 10 years. Never had I seen this guy enjoy belittling a fellow celebrity as much as he enjoyed belittling O’Donnell. Until yesterday.

He couldn’t even wait for the farking plane to land to shoot his de Blasio attack and put it online.

We should be fair to de Blasio, though. Not only isn’t he the lamest candidate in the race, he isn’t even the lamest candidate in the race from New York.

In the two years leading up to her 2020 run, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand spent millions of dollars building up a network of online and grass-roots donors who could power her coming presidential campaign.

But after Ms. Gillibrand’s big announcement in January, her expensively laid plans unraveled as those potential contributors all but vanished.

Ms. Gillibrand raised less money from small contributors in her first quarter as a presidential candidate than she had in six of the eight previous quarters when she wasn’t running for president, according to federal campaign records.

Twelve other candidates, including Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson, have notched 65,000 donors, the threshold to qualify for the Democratic debates. It’s not that hard if you have any kind of national appeal. Bernie Sanders had 225,000 individual donors on his first *day.* But Gillibrand’s still not there despite having launched her campaign two months ago. Draw your own conclusions.

Here’s de Blasio playing the part of Rosie O’Donnell.