Meghan McCain vs. Seth Meyers: Are you Ilhan Omar's publicist or something?

Via Mediaite, someone needs to give her her own show already. There have been two hypnotically awkward talk-show moments on American TV over the past month and she’s been in the middle of both of them. Clearly she has no fear of confrontation even when the conventions of the format, late-night broadcast television in this case, frown upon it.

You mean to tell me ABC was willing to bankroll “The Chew” for seven years but it can’t find a time slot somewhere for “Cringe Time with Meggie Mac”? Thirty minutes, no rules — except that she can only book guests from the left side of the aisle.

First guest: Joy Behar.

Noteworthy in her exchange with Meyers is how he dismisses criticism of Omar on grounds that she’s apologized for some of her anti-semitic remarks. She’s remorseful! But the whole point of the drama within the Democratic House caucus after she questioned the loyalty of American supporters of Israel was that she shouldn’t have to apologize. It’s true that she backed down following her AIPAC tweets in January — but that was because Pelosi brought the hammer down, singling out Omar by name and accusing her of using “anti-semitic tropes.” Progressives bit their lips in that case, probably out of deference to the Speaker and in the interest of maintaining harmony within the new House majority.

But when Omar piped up about dual loyalty the following month they weren’t going to stand for another round of criticism. Some of her lefty colleagues rushed to her defense shouting “Islamophobia!” Cowed by the backlash, Pelosi took to stammering that Omar may not have completely understood what she was saying. The resolution condemning anti-semitism that the House eventually didn’t even name Omar. It was enough of a political victory for her that no Democratic colleague has dared come after her since, even though she was on Twitter just a few days ago essentially blaming Israel for Hamas’s rocket attacks.

Point being, she was *initially* contrite about her pensees on Israel under heavy pressure from her leadership but she — and Pelosi — have since learned that the base is on her side, and the base craves defiance. She’s not a model of remorse, as Meyers seems to imply. To the contrary.

Exit quotation from Meg’s husband, Ben Domenech: “I see that @sethmeyers, the untalented piece of sh*t who only has has job because he regularly gargled Lorne Michaels’ balls, went after my wife tonight with his idiotic anti-Semitic bullsh*t.” You know it’s good television when the spouses are throwing rhetorical punches afterward.