Revenge: Trump postpones Pelosi's foreign trip after SOTU snub

Just a reminder that this is the greatest show any of us will ever watch and we should appreciate it as such.

Either he wrote that himself or the White House comms department has adopted his Twitter style of random capitalization.

Members of Congress typically fly abroad on official trips via military aircraft. He’s the commander-in-chief so he decided that military aircraft are momentarily unavailable. Next, I assume, is Pelosi and House Dems announcing which presidential perks will no longer be funded.

Apparently, he waited until the last hour before she left to spring this. Heh:

Says Drew McCoy, “It’s going to be wild watching people go after Trump on the shutdown for not helping Pelosi and other Democrats leave town in the middle of it.” Yeah, but they will. Some are already knocking him for revealing her itinerary, which is typically kept secret for security reasons until the delegation arrives at its destination. I assume the chief complaint will have to do with Afghanistan, though. It’s one thing to impede her from visiting Egypt and Brussels (home of NATO!), we’ll be told, it’s another to impede a goodwill visit to where U.S. troops are stationed. And needless to say, she’s not flying commercial into Taliban country.

Although it’d be a minor PR coup now if she did. “I won’t let the president’s pettiness stop me from seeing our soldiers. He may not care much about visiting them but I do,” etc.

It’s not just her, by the way:

I’m very excited for the next episode of “America’s Dumbest Shutdown.” Who will be totally owned this time, Team Red or Team Blue? I think the big season finale is Trump showing up at the House chamber on the 29th to deliver the State of the Union and Pelosi having him arrested for trespassing.

Update: No sooner did I finish writing this post than the first Afghanistan-related criticism appeared. But not from a Democrat.