Great moments in presidential decorum: The ballad of Don and Horseface

April 22, 2016: “At some point I’m going to be so presidential that you people will be so bored.” No one’s bored yet.

Gonna remind you here that the following series of tweets is an entirely public communication between (a) the president of the United States, (b) his porn-star former mistress, who’s currently involved in two lawsuits with him, and (c) her lawyer, who’s also running for president and who recently accused the newest Supreme Court justice of participating in gang rape.

To quote Kevin Williamson, “Remember, you asked for this.”

Befitting the impossibly juvenile, undignified nature of the exchange, we’re now going to be treated to schoolyard defenses that Stormy started it by comparing the presidential dong to a mushroom character in Mario Kart in her new book. There are two ways a president might handle a jab like that. One: Ignore it, considering it beneath him and his office to reply. Two: Counterpunch blindly, dragging the entire country into a discussion of why “Horseface” might know what his junk looks like, stepping on all of the recent pre-midterm good news for the GOP, and reminding everyone that he’s apt to grossly embarrass himself and them by extension at any moment.

Oh, and giving the media a reason to lay stuff like this in front of all the women who are leaning Democrat already this year:

Don’t forget the Heidi Cruz retweet from Campaign 2016. What I’m saying is, you don’t have to cheer the “Horseface” tweets just because you’re happy about Kavanaugh. (Most Americans don’t.) Stick and carrot.

Even stupider is the fact that this’ll end up distracting from the point he was trying to make. He scored a victory over Daniels and Avenatti yesterday when their defamation suit against him was tossed and they were ordered to pay his attorneys’ fees. (They’re appealing the ruling.) He could have just noted that or, if he couldn’t resist gloating, focused on the fact that between this and the Julie Swetnick allegations Avenatti’s had himself quite a little losing streak of late. Even from the standpoint of effective sh*tposting it’s an own-goal.

Actually, there is one advantage to him tweeting about Stormy. It’ll draw attention away from this tweet:

Can’t accuse me of softballing the Saudis over the Khashoggi matter for financial gain, says POTUS, since I have no financial dealings with them. You know that lie is a big one when even his buddies at Fox News feel obliged to call him on it:

He hasn’t made a secret of it, even when he’s in front of cameras.

I’ll leave you with this tweet, posted nine months ago. We’ve now fulfilled step one of the prophesy. Stay tuned.