Round two: Jeanine Pirro said something after yesterday's segment that I can't repeat on the air, says Whoopi

We’re barely 24 hours in and already this feud is magical and destined to get more so since Pirro’s own show will air tomorrow night on Fox and doubtless she’ll rant about it at length.

The only reason it’s not already the greatest feud in the history of “The View” is because Rosie and Elisabeth Hasselbeck once clashed over whether the “official story” of 9/11 is true and, well, nothing’s going to top that. Unless they have Pirro back on and somehow an argument over whether the Holocaust happened breaks out.

Page Six describes what happened yesterday:

The trouble, sources told us, started before Pirro even went on-air to promote her new book, “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy” — when Pirro arrived at “The View” to learn that anti-Trump CNN contributor Ana Navarro was filling in for Joy Behar.

“When Jeanine arrived on set she was looking for a fight and refusing to be on with Ana, demanding [Ana] not be in the segment,” an insider said. “[Pirro] was yelling at [‘The View’] executive producer and her staff like, ‘You need to handle this.’”

True, says Whoopi in the clip below. Pirro didn’t want to be on with a hardcore Trump-hater like Navarro. Also true, she says, is this description of what happened after she cut Pirro’s segment short (which she denies doing in the clip below, but whatever):

The confrontation ended with liberal Goldberg allegedly shouting, “F–k you, get the f–k out!” at President Trump supporter and Fox News host Pirro.

During the screaming match, Pirro told Goldberg, “I’ve done more for abused women than you will ever do,” we hear.

Whoopi didn’t like that last line although Pirro is in fact a former D.A. who’s doubtless prosecuted plenty of abusers. Whether there was “spitting” (spittle, maybe?) or whether Pirro was chased from the building remains in dispute. Also in dispute is whether Goldberg was the first to get profane or whether Pirro was. If you believe Whoopi, the only reason she got in Pirro’s face was because of something disrespectful Pirro said right after the segment was cut — which Whoopi wouldn’t say on air. The Daily Beast thinks it knows, though:

Indeed, a witness—who asked not to be further identified—told The Daily Beast that after the segment ended and Goldberg walked off-stage, Pirro ripped off her microphone while the crew members hovered around her and she shouted, “Those c***suckers! This is exactly what I told them would happen.”

Who are the, er, sock-cuckers she’s referring to? The panel? The show’s producers? The bookers who put her on with Navarro, with whom Pirro got along reasonably well? Anything less than titling tomorrow night’s “Judge Jeanine” segment about the show “My Time With The C***suckers” will be a disappointment. Make it happen, Fox.