Inevitable: "Dancing With The Stars" wants Sean Spicer

I was going to post about Steve Bannon reportedly pushing a 44 percent income tax rate on the very rich, but (a) we already knew he wanted something like that and (b) it’ll never happen because pretty much the sole reason for the congressional GOP’s existence at this point is shielding the very rich from tax hikes. Smart politics by Bannon, though! It’s been a tough week for our nationalist friends.

So let’s focus on something more substantive. It used to be that competing on DWTS was a prerequisite to getting a White House job. Now it’s something you do after you’ve quit. Everything is topsy turvy in Trump’s America.

Spicer, who announced his resignation Friday, was seen coming out of high-level meetings at ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News in Manhattan, according to sources. A source told us some news execs “made the full-court press” as they competed to woo the high-profile spokesman — who brought in solid ratings and plenty of late-night fodder — while others “just kicked the tires.”

But there’s also speculation 45-year-old Spicer’s next stop could be showing off some spicy dance moves on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Actor Zach Braff jokingly tweeted when Spicer stepped down, “Can’t wait to see Sean Spicer waltz on Dancing With the Stars.”

But a TV insider confirmed to Page Six that the dancing competition show has indeed reached out to the Beltway insider. “That has legs,” the source said.

Spicer’s dance should be off-camera, with the judges forced to describe to viewers afterward how it went.

Three possibilities how this ends. One: Spicer advances to the finals and Trump shows up as a surprise guest, promising to reinstate him and finally get him that audience with the Pope he wanted if he wins. Spicer face-plants on his final move.

Two: Spicer flames out badly in the first round. Trump tweets afterward that he looked fat in his outfit and the episode’s ratings sucked.

Three, per a Twitter pal: Spicer trains hard but is badly overshadowed by the other contestants — Jim Mattis, Rex Tillerson, Reince Priebus, James Comey, Mike Flynn, and other administration cast-offs, of whom there should be enough by fall to staff an entire season of this show.

By the way, although the original source for this story was the tabloid Page Six, Politico has since confirmed that DWTS really is looking at Spicer. And why wouldn’t they? Everyone knows who he is and the entire audience has strong opinions about him one way or another. He’s ratings gold. Politico also confirms that Spicer met with reps from each of the four major networks about a commentator gig. Exit question via a WaPo reporter: Didn’t he just spend six months calling those people “fake news”?