Video: World finally hears voice of its most powerful man

To cleanse the palate, at last an answer to the question, “Does Jared Kushner just look like Michael Cera or does he kind of sound like him too?” Affirmative.

There are clips on YouTube of a younger Jared holding forth but it’s a genuine achievement in an age of ubiquitous media and omnipresent smartphones how he’s managed to keep such a low profile in such a high-profile job. I can’t remember a single TV or radio interview with him since he joined Trump’s campaign last year. He’s in charge of half the government, outranking even the Secretary of State on the Middle East peace process, and somehow he’s avoided every microphone in earshot — until now. Even stranger, today’s debut as a public speaker was low stakes, mostly boilerplate about technology and government inefficiencies. A man in the habit of passing over opportunities to address Americans should pass on this one without a second thought, you would think.

Why has Kushner been so insistent on lying low? Does he have some hang-up, like stage fright or a dislike for how his voice sounds, or is there a strategic element to it? More to the point, why speak now? Given how Trump no longer trusts his communications team, it’d make sense if the president decided to send his closest confidants out there to do more talking for the administration. Maybe Kushner’s been deputized over his strong objections to start spinning for Trump more often. That would make today the equivalent of a warm-up gig, just testing out the ol’ vocal cords in preparation for higher-stakes performances. We’ll know soon!