Video: Libertarian candidate perhaps a bit too liberated

If I were the Libertarian nominee and worried that voters might think my message consists entirely of “get stoned,” one thing I’d do is never behave as if I’m stoned.

This is a nice window onto Johnson’s eccentric charm, though. One thing he’s not is a polished politician and that’s a good thing to be, especially this year. I think he benefits from the context too. Viewed in isolation, watching him suddenly start talking with his tongue pointed at a reporter is … weird. Watching the hens on “Morning Joe” clucking over it, though, turns it into a gust of fresh air in a room stifling with Beltway conventional wisdom. Mika seems ready to fall out of her chair at the spectacle of a modern presidential candidate behaving indecorously. In related news, she and Scarborough made a pilgrimage last week to Trump Tower to rekindle their friendship with Donald Trump. 2016, man.

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