Video: Unindicted felon campaigns for president with guy who let her walk

Fair headline, no? It wasn’t really Jim Comey who let her walk, after all. Comey did everything he could have done at that press conference short of blinking in morse code to let viewers know that he thought she should have faced charges. If he believed in his decision, he would have taken questions from reporters about it this morning after his statement. He didn’t because it was indefensible. Simple as that.

Ah well. There’s no better way to celebrate a miscarriage of justice than by campaigning for a job that will one day let you too influence federal investigations to benefit your political cronies. Actual quote from O at this clusterfark in North Carolina: “You’ve never heard Hillary Clinton demonize other people.” Wut? The woman who coined “vast right-wing conspiracy” and who referred to Republicans as her “enemy” as recently as last year? Whose husband built his political comeback in the mid-90s by blaming conservative talk radio for the Oklahoma City bombing? And that’s just political demonization. The “nuts and sluts” maneuvers against Bill’s accusers are another dimension entirely. Criticizing Trump is one thing, whitewashing the fact that the Clintons play hardball with opponents is low even for O.

In lieu of an exit question, enjoy this long AP piece marveling at the sheer number of Hillary lies that were exposed by Comey this morning. This is where we’ve arrived at with the Clintons. She clearly committed a crime under 18 U.S.C. 793(f); she lied about anything and everything related to the case according to the head of the FBI; but she won’t be charged and therefore it’s perfectly understandable that she and the president of the United States would spend the afternoon rhetorically high-fiving like the Fun Bunch after scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl. Happy belated birthday, America!

Update: Almost forgot this. When asked if they’d prefer a third Obama term to a first Hillary Clinton term, Democrats split … 67/28.