Video: The greatest political ad ever?

So this is what Trump fans are experiencing when they watch his speeches, huh? Suddenly the expressions on their faces at his rallies make sense. When I posted it on Twitter earlier, half a dozen people replied that they suddenly felt like they were inside Sean Hannity’s mind.

The first 50 times I watched it, I did it as a “Ludovico” experiment to see if enough viewings would make me vomit at the mere sight of Trump. And it worked. I watched his interview with Greta last night and immediately began puking up Hello Kitties. But then I watched the ad 50 more times and now not only have I been desensitized but … I’m on the Trump train. This man is the world-destroying Voltron America both needs but deserves.

This isn’t a real Japanese ad, by the way, just an incredible simulation by a guy who knows what he’s doing, to put it mildly. Trump should buy the rights, edit out the one-second swastika shot, and use it as his intro for the rest of the campaign.