Chuck Schumer: Why yes, Marco Rubio's fingerprints are all over our terrible Gang of Eight amnesty bill

The key bit comes a minute in. Alternate headline: “Chuck Schumer shows Ben Carson how to stab a guy.”

Rubio’s campaign shrugged this off in a statement to CNN: Yes, yes, we all know he was part of the Gang of Eight. Schumer’s not breaking any news. It’s not even news that Rubio supported the path to citizenship in the Gang of Eight bill; he remains in favor of eventual citizenship for illegals to this day. The value of the clip isn’t that he’s telling us something we don’t know, it’s that it’s Schumer himself — conservative public enemy number one in Congress on immigration — clearly attempting to hug Rubio to death on camera in the middle of a tight Republican primary. Remember that odd video that Mitch McConnell’s campaign released in the middle of his Senate campaign in 2014 showing him smiling at the camera, sitting quietly with his wife and looking at the viewer, chatting with Kentucky voters sans audio, etc? There was a purpose to that: McConnell wanted his Super PAC to have that stock footage so that they could cut ads with it, but the law bars candidates from privately coordinating with PACs. So McConnell simply posted the footage online, knowing that the PAC would find it and use it. This Schumer takedown of Rubio reminds me of that insofar as it’s Schumer’s way of informally coordinating with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. He knows full well that Rubio’s opponents are going to pick this up and put it in ads. That’s why he poured it on in “praising” Rubio for the extent of his involvement in the Gang, especially the citizenship part. Ted Cruz’s Super PAC will be running this soundbite 10 times a day in the south in the weeks before the “SEC primary.” It’s practically a campaign contribution from Schumer.

As for why Schumer would want to help Trump and Cruz stop Rubio, you know why. They’ll tell you who they fear. Right?

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Jazz Shaw 5:01 PM on March 20, 2023