Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

As chance would have it, John Boehner was already scheduled for “Face the Nation” this fine Sunday morning before he had his prayerful epiphany on Thursday night that it was time to go. He’ll be on with John Dickerson for his first of many exit interviews, and hopefully will explain why the House GOP never managed to develop an actual agenda in his nearly five years as Speaker. Another mystery: Now that he’s freed from having to worry about what grassroots conservatives think of him, will he start speaking more candidly about what he thinks of the GOP base? If not, Boehner ally Devin Nunes, a longtime critic of tea partiers, might fill the vacuum. He’s set for “This Week” to comment on Boehner’s departure.

If it’s 2016ers you’re looking for, take your pick. Jeb Bush will be on “Fox News Sunday” to describe just how happy he is that Trump is now squabbling daily with Marco Rubio instead of him. Ben Carson will be on “State of the Union” and “This Week” for yet another round of “why’d you say that about Muslims?” with the media. Expect him to note the fact that most Americans agree with him about a Muslim president. And Carly Fiorina will be on “Meet the Press” to defend her support for a health-care mandate in 2013 and her record at HP, which is likely to be her biggest vulnerability in the race. Why hasn’t the first woman CEO of a Fortune 50 company landed any other corporate leadership offers since then? Is it sexism, or justifiable wariness of Fiorina’s management ability?

Oh, Hillary will be on “Meet the Press” today too to explain to America why she can’t get through a complete sentence about her private e-mail server without telling two or three separate lies. The full line-up is at the AP.

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