Video: When sensitive dudes who don't like cops put on a cop's uniform

To cleanse the palate, via Newsbusters, this isn’t as irritating as that “I’m a Christian but I’m not a jerk” video that BuzzFeed put out earlier this week but it’s plenty irritating. What insight is gained by having people who distrust the police don the blue, only to proclaim that they still feel the same way five minutes later? When BuzzFeed has done these young-fish-out-of-liberal-water stunts in the past, they’ve had the good sense to include a few kids in the resulting vid who found themselves surprised to have enjoyed the experience. There’s a lesson in that about not letting yourself be forced into boycotting what the other party does for fun just because your political allies frown upon it. All you get from this clip is a bunch of guys saying “cops are scary jerks,” followed by them dressing up like cops and remarking that they now look like scary jerks. Lesson: Cops are scary jerks any way you slice it! Good talk, BuzzFeed. Coming soon, hopefully: Young leftists don three-piece suits and hang out in the lobby of Goldman Sachs. Will this change their views of bankers and capitalism? Stay tuned.

Here’s the clip, plus Greg Gutfeld’s take on it from “The Five.” What would the young-fish-out-of-conservative-water equivalent of the “liberals go to the gun range” clip be? Conservatives go to … the abortion clinic, maybe? Don’t laugh. Some feminists will tell you that that’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Actually, I think it’d be fun and cheeky if BuzzFeed or the IJ Review or whoever invited a bunch of tea partiers to a Washington cocktail party thrown by GOP consultants, as admission to those fabled parties is supposed to be the siren song that’s forever luring candy-ass RINO sellouts like me to dump on classy populist heroes like Donald Trump. The D.C. cocktail party is supposedly ground zero of establishment treachery; some will tell you in hushed tones that Karl Rove puts on a goat’s-head mask and leads chants to Obama’s greatness. Why not let some true-believing grassroots conservatives in and see what happens?