Megyn Kelly: Why hasn't Obama commented on the killing of Kate Steinle by an illegal?

Via the IJR. Kelly actually answered this question on the previous night’s show. When ICE chief Sarah Saldana testified before Congress in March, she complained that sanctuary cities were ignoring detainers issued by the agency for convicted criminals. When a Republican asked her if it’d help her out if they clarified the law to make local compliance with ICE mandatory, she said, verbatim, “Thank you, amen. Yes.” The left and its various amnesty-shill allies proceeded to wet themselves, and lo and behold, a day later Saldana backed off, doubtless under heavy political pressure from her boss. That’s why Obama doesn’t want to talk about Kate Steinle. He’s a fan of the policy that made it possible for Francisco Sanchez to shoot her in the back. What’s he supposed to say now in its defense? “If you want to make an immigration omelette, you need to break a few eggs”?

Fortunately we have Republican majorities in control of both chambers of Congress, free to pass a bill like Tom Cotton’s withholding federal funds for law enforcement in sanctuary cities unless they begin cooperating with ICE. They should dare Obama to veto it. Unfortunately, those same Republican majorities are deathly afraid of further alienating Latino voters before a presidential election, especially with Trump riffing on Mexican rapists during his speeches. So Cotton’s bill is, presumably, going straight down the toilet, hopefully ensuring that the GOP loses the Latino vote next year by a mere 45 points instead of 50.

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