Video: John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi humiliate themselves for your amusement, intentionally this time

To cleanse the palate. Come to think of it, I guess the DHS/amnesty defunding fiasco also qualifies as intentional self-humiliation by Boehner.

As usual we’re playing catch-up with Obama, as he already did the “mean tweets” gag for Jimmy Kimmel a few weeks ago. It’s an irresistible bit, though — useful to the participants in showing them to be good sports and fun for activists in seeing grassroots criticism penetrate the congressional bubble, if only for laughs. (Does @seedywumps comment here? If not, he should. He’d fit right in.) That’s the first clip below. The second clip is the next president of the United States showing off his unlikely comic chops on Jimmy Fallon’s show. If you find yourself surprised that Romney has a sense of humor then you obviously missed his speech at the Al Smith dinner shortly before the election in 2012. He killed, just as he’ll kill at the White House Correspondents Dinner starting in 2017. Doing skits with Fallon and agreeing to get punched in the face by Evander Holyfield can mean only one thing, my friends: He’s in. I wonder when he’ll announce.

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