The obligatory "LA woman in labor can't cross street because of Obama's motorcade" post

My eternal standard of blogworthiness on a slow news day: If it’s good enough for a banner headline on Drudge, it’s good enough for me. (Infowars links not included.)

All we need now is audio of Obama laughing sinisterly as his limo speeds by, or maybe a pic of him tenting his fingers a la Mr. Burns in the back seat, and by golly we’ll get that impeachment balloon off the ground yet. Good thing in hindsight that he canceled that Jimmy Kimmel appearance, too. The only way this could look worse is if it turned out the reason the motorcade was hauling ass was to get him to a special taping of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.”

A woman who witnesses said appeared to be in labor was prevented from crossing an LA street Wednesday afternoon because the road was closed for President Barack Obama’s motorcade.

The woman was seen sitting at a bus stop bench on the south side of 3rd Street just east of Robertson Boulevard and across from Cedars Sinai Medical Center

According to witness Carrie Clifford, the woman in labor had to wait at least 30 minutes before she could cross the street.

There has to be a protocol for stopping the motorcade briefly for a local emergency, right? I get why they wouldn’t want to; if you’ve got the president lingering on a road where he’s already expected to be, it increases the threat to him. But if someone was having a stroke across the street from the ER, they wouldn’t leave the poor guy there on a bus-stop bench for a half hour. Someone would radio someone else, the motorcade would slow down, the Secret Service would take extra precautions briefly during the delay, and then the patient would be moved. It’s strange that local PD has no contigency for that — and as you’ll see below, the cops were aware of the woman’s predicament.

Speaking of impeachment, new from Fox News:


Note how broad the question is, proposing impeachment not just for Obama’s power grabs but for any reason — and still, only slightly more than a third of Americans are in favor. That’s right in line with other recent polls on impeachment. And it’s not like people aren’t concerned with executive overreach: When Fox asked whether Obama exceeded his constitutional authority in making unilateral changes to ObamaCare, 58 percent said yes. Another 58 percent said they disapprove of him bypassing Congress and changing the law on his own. The separation-of-powers criticism is resonating. It’s just the proposed remedy, removal from office, that doesn’t.

Exit question: Who’s the dummy who planned his route to run right in front of a hospital?